Donald R Ricker

several episodes of unexplained syncope. neurologic: significant extensor weakness of the left arm and leg, poor coordination. assessment: cerebrovascular accident

variable concern suggests element of denial of illness which could be secondary to an anterior cerebral artery infarct. he has no known risk factors. affect is normal, some depressive symptoms, states that every time things go well for him something bad happens

striking findings are the presence of an area of increased signal intensity in posterior of right globus pallidus and left head of the caudate nucleus. the brainstem, cerebellum, internal auditory canals and pituitary fossa appear normal

DEATH LOSES CONCENTRATION was created following the ischemic stroke suffered by the artist 5/30/97. The print was exhibited in the VSAW No Boundaries traveling exhibit of Pacific Northwest artists with disabilities.   Jurors for this group show include Ginnie Ruffner, Ruth Vincent, and Chase Rynd. DEATH may be viewed from 10/17-11/17/97 in  Seattle WA. at the Harrison Street Gallery and from 11/24-12/30/97 at the Robert Frey Gallery. Further exhibitions occured throughout Washington state through May 1998.

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