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2001 Donald R Ricker

(22"x88" oil on hardboard)

While visiting Homer, AK and the Bunnell Street Gallery there in the summer of 1999 to exhibit Party for Rousseau, I jotted down some notes from the overlook on the bluff outside town. Thiis was the reference from which the scene was developed..Homervw.JPG (2736 bytes)

Alaska, while no human body, is still quite beautiful. It is magnificent in the scale of it's vast landscapes and towering mountain ranges.  50 miles of mountains may be seen across five miles of ocean . The comma shape a third of the way in from the left at mid height represents the frenetically active peninsula called the Homer Spit.

Kachemak Bay (Homer Scenic Overlook) is on exhibit at the 'Spirit of Alaska: the Inner Landscape' group exhibition at the Kenai Visitors & Cultural Center from May 1 to September 1 2002.

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