Portrait Battle (13K) Click thru to detail of van Gogh's face (CAUTION! Large file)PORTRAIT BATTLE


Donald R Ricker

(45" x 90" oil on hardboard)l

        Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin lived together in Arles, France, for a time, until Gauguin awoke one night to see van Gogh standing over him with a knife. In addition to their poverty, they shared an almost religious calling to seek understanding regarding color.

    During their more agreeable periods, each man chose his opposite as a subject.  Their chairs, their shoes, and their ideal women also appear among their works.  Imagine them with Mette and Madame Ginoux at her outdoor café late at night.  Because their personal life stories and artistic accomplishments are so dramatic, artists of all temperaments have visualized themselves in the roles of these heroes of painting.

Portrait Battle was exhibited at the 'D' Street Café in Anchorage AK September/October 1999

It represented US and Alaska at the Firenze Biennale in December 1999, where Ricker was awarded the 5° Premio Lorenzo il Magnifico medallion in Painting.

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