1995   Donald R Ricker

(46"x94" oil on hardboard)

detail of Ambroise Vollard and Mlle M.

The party featured Rousseau's handsome full length painting Portrat de Mlle. M (1897) which Picasso had purchased for five francs in a second hand shop. The dealer Ambroise Vollard signals for two more. (Not what you think.)


Party for Rousseau exhibited in All Alaska Juried Painting Exhibition  at the Bunnell Street Gallery in Homer, AK. June 1999  Selected by Juror  Clarence Morgan

Party for Rousseau was exhibited at the 'D' Street Café in Anchorage AK September/October 1999 and reviewed by Suzie Buchanan for the Anchorage Free Press and by Andy Nau for the Anchorage Daily News.

Exegy Bookstore  The Banquet Years, Roger Shattuck   Henri Rousseau: Dreams of the Jungle, Werner Schmalenbach  Making Modernism: Picasso, Michael G Fitzgerald  Calligrammes: Poems of Peace and War, Guillaume Apollinaire    

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