reviews   ‘I've said enough; what do other people say about me?’

8/18/2010 Anchorage Press writer Dawnell Smith mentions my name in her article 'Coffee Friendly Art' about a Middle Way Café group show.

6/27/2010 Anchorage Daily News arts editor Mike Dunham mixes facts and fiction while headlining Spenard artist.

1/13/07  Anchorage Daily News reporter Dawnell Smith warns the public what to expect at the Nude Excuse Series solo show at Out North Theater gallery space. "If nude figures make you nervous, then get nervous."

1/12/07 Anchorage Daily News correspondent Don Decker lets me have it with both barrels and reloads several times regarding the Epic Retrospective solo show at Out North Theater gallery space. "Shortcomings aside, there are reasons to see the show."

03/00/05    CLOSER LOOK feature writer John T Spike writes in Art&Antiques magazine about Portrait Battle, mentioning my name in some pretty good (dead artist) company. "Ricker's telling of this myth is all wrong --- which doesn't mean that it isn't true."

03/25/04   GIMME SHELTER feature writer Scott Christiansen interviews Ricker at home in Spenard for the Anchorage PRESS. "Tell me about this landscape painting."

09/04/03     Outgoing editor Pam Cravez of the Art Matters monthly supplement to the Anchorage Press gave a plug to ArtSceneAK in her column Art Notes under the subheading Artzine: " Missed First Friday? Didn't even make it into a gallery all last month? You're in luck. Twice a month Don Ricker reviews Anchorage exhibits on his electronic artzine ArtSceneAK. Launched in March 2002 the website features samples from exhibits along with insightful commentaries on artists and their work." She really starts barking: " For $12 a year subscribers can view current listings. Strapped for cash? Viewing back issues is free." Thanks, Pam.

01/01/03     Art & Antiques Magazine contributor Dr John T Spike included a photograph of Portrait Battle in his article "Contemporary Conundrum: Expert tips for collecting contemporary art" in the January 2003 Contemporary Art Issue. Spike's thesis: "In contemporary art terms, the 'generals' are those artists who have had museum retrospectives and consistently fetch prices above $100,000. The corps of contemporary 'sergeants' comprises the most talented artists near where you live." He goes on to say "As an international capital, New York City is filled with them. Atlanta has a few. Anchorage has one."  Note to local colleagues: quelle, moi? He must be referring to YOU.

11/14-20/02 Anchorage Press calendar editors Renée Baranov & Jessica Leather publicized us: "ARTSCENEAK STUDIO TOUR --- Did you ever wonder where our local artists create their masterpieces? You'll get a chance to take a peek at select studios today when artists such as Donald R Ricker, KN Gooodrich, Katherine Coons and Duke Russell will open up their creative spaces." The calendar went on with details such as: "A free passbook will be given to visitors with addresses and directions; you can start anywhere on the tour."

06/28/02    Anchorage Daily News Arts Editor chooses a file photo from 2001 showing  Greenhouse Effect in the distance in a story about Floatable Art, "situated far from the 'First Friday' gallery walk route."

06/27/02  Anchorage Press columnist Julie Decker tells tales of the watery Westchester Lagoon and previous incarnations of the group installation called Floatable Art. In one anecdote, "fellow artist and friend Don Ricker jumped into his Styrofoam watercraft."   To the rescue!

6/20/02 A photograph by Julie Decker showing a play 'bathescape' in the Anchorage Museum's Children's Gallery accompanies Anchorage Press columnist Julie Decker's discussion about this year's show curated by Don Mohr and Julie Decker. A sign made by BETTER LETTERS appears in the picture. Hah! I'm in the Museum...

05/02/02  Kenai Peninsula Clarion reviewer Jenny Neyman alludes to Kachemak Bay (Homer Scenic Overlook) in her article titled 'Exhibit Highlights Inner Landscape' by saying "a painting or photograph, is a window into the deepest sentiments each artist feels about Alaska." 

04/28/02  Anchorage Daily News photographer Erik Hill catches Art Rolls being inked and printed in a Sandy Gerjevic report   titled 'Hard-Hat Art' about a UAA SteamRoller Prints event. 

01/06/02  Anchorage Daily News Arts Editor Susan Morgan takes note of Seven Sisters representing Alaska and the USA at the 2001 Firenze Biennale III.

11/1/01 Art Matters November 2001, a monthly supplement of the weekly Anchorage Press, sent reporter Steve Heimel to find out how artists were responding to the '911' (September 11 2001 attack on America by al Q'uaida).  I got a name change in this interview, from Donald to Don to Rick. 

7/30/01 Anchorage Daily News reporter Doug O'Harra and photographer Jim Lavrakas take a look at Greenhouse Effect at the Floatable Art event at Westchester Lagoon

"I rollerbladed past the floating art thingy yesterday afternoon on my way out to the Coastal Trail, and I wondered if you had entered.  I didn't see you around, but I did notice your piece and thought it might be yours.  Way to go!" -> Brooke Ricker

3/16/01Anchorage Daily News reviewer Mikki Smith does a drive-by analysis of Dog Heaven installation at Decker/Morris Annex 2/01

02/02/00  reviewer John T Spike assessed the Alaska XXVIII Biennial and Martyr's Dream at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art 2/00

1/14/00 Anchorage Press listed news of my shenanigans under  HAPPENINGS in their weekly entertainment calendar. To wit: "Straight out of Italy --- Local painter Don Ricker just returned from the Florence Biennial, where he was awarded the Premio Lorenzo il Magnifico, a medallion for painting. He'll show his drawings and slides from the trip Friday January 14th at 9pm at the D Street Café"

12/19/99 Anchorage Daily News Sunday Arts& Entertainment section column ArtBeat made this mention of the Firenze Biennale and my participation today:"Anchorage artist noted in Italy: Portrait Battle by Anchorage artist Donald Ricker received a Fifth Degree Medallion in the second Florence International Biennial of Contemporary Art earlier this month. More than 500 artists from 32 nations exhibited. First place went to Giuseppe Rocca of Italy. The jury of six international authorities was looking for unheralded artists. It was the first major award for Rocca, who is considered a treasure in his hometown, a village in Calabria. Jury member Francis Naumann said, 'I don't think there's another world-wide biennial where an unknown and unpromoted painter without a gallery could show and gain instant recognition like this.'" 

9/26/99 Anchorage Daily News reviewer Andy Nau reacts to Nude Excuses at Alaskan in Florence show at D Street Café 9/99    "exaggerated cartoonlike rendering of the breasts and the revealing poses the female figures assume make eroticism the clear conceptual focus."

9/2/99 Anchorage Press writer Suzie Buchanan gazes into the deeps at Alaskan in Florence show at D Street Café 9/99 "That's a bit deeper than a field of fireweed."

Further comments may be found interspersed with the streaming remarks on the marquee.

A friend said that after all, ‘We do not create art for the publicity’.  Perhaps not, but in this real world we must create publicity for the art...

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